What struck us the most when we first saw the furniture at Shakti Ganapati was the richness of the wood and sheer attractiveness of the design.But what really sold was on closer inspection was the attention to detail and the exacting craftsmanship.We take great pleasure in using our furniture here in India and will be more than proud to take it back home

Sonya Stockklausner Ron Zittel

Each piece of this beautiful furniture is a fine example of the fusion of workmanship and aesthetics.

Venkataraman Srinivasan

The perfect marriage between utility and the aesthetic is rare. Unlike many realms of passive art, the design, creation and hand carving of high quality furniture is one of the few undertakings where such a combination is possible. The patience, skill and craft required for an enduring and beautiful piece of furniture is valued by everybody; bringing as it often does, a comfortable functionality to the highest levels of aesthetic beauty.

We were fortunate enough to come across this kind of exception whilst living in the quixotic city of Madras with all its bustling Indian virtue on top of its not forgotten colonial foundation .On the outskirts of the town the owners of Shakti Ganapati create furniture which is unique, contemporary and enduring, with exceptional standards of workmanship

We love our Shakti Ganapati furniture. It is strong, beautiful and timeless. We know it has been made with top quality timber and is hand crafted in Deepak's workshop by a team of experienced and highly skilled carpenters. The joinery, the finishing and the overall design are fantastic. We sleep in our four-poster bed and eat all our meals off the dining room table. Despite using them everyday, we have nothing but affection for the whole lot.

Natasha Nolte Con Conlon September 2004

Many words come to mind when we think of furniture by Shakti Ganapati - subtle, contemporary, cheerful and comfortable - but what mirrors our feelings best is the word -'alive'. The furniture is not smothered with paint or varnish, so you see the grains and feel the wood 'breathe'...

The furniture is refreshingly understated - but it is evident to the trained eye how much skill, time and effort go into each piece. We'd say Deepak and Reshma's passion for what they do is ingrained in every piece of furniture they work with.

Vani Kamalanathan C.R.Sriniketh September 2004

At an age when the disposable and the mass-produced seem to dominate the market,it is wonderful to find an establishment that focuses on excellence in craftsmanship. Shakti Ganapati has taken the wisdom of centuries old carpentry from all over the world, and combined it with structurally solid contemporary designs to produce the heirlooms of tomorrow.

H.R.H. Princess Nafa'a bint Ali September 2004